Tuesday , 23 January 2018

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Starting from November 2014, Cogent Afrique added Life Orientations ( LIFO) coaching and training to its offering.  

‘ LIFO  training is an applied behavioral science system that fosters individual and organizational productivity. It begins by  identifying the individual’s basic orientation to life, or personal style. Based on this foundation of self-knowledge, it offers powerful strategies that enable individuals and groups to be more productive in their work and more influential when dealing with key people. LIFO training was  created by Dr. Stuart Atkins, Ph.D. in 1967. Since then, it has benefited more than 8 million people and 20,000 organizations  in more than 30 countries’ (The Schutz Company).

We at Cogent Afrique are delighted to offer Life Orientations training and coaching to our clients.  Whether you are an individual, a team or an organization, Cogent Afrique has just the right tool to empower and support you to go the next level of productivity and effectiveness. First, you get to identify, acknowledge and appreciate your  personal style and strengths. This process results in confidence and affirmation that as long as you apply your strengths  and unique personal style in whatever work you do, you will succeed. Then we take you  step by step through a process of identifying different situations – for example, situations that allow you to use your unique strengths to the fullest and where you tend to overuse or under use your strengths; finally, we help you figure out ways to deal with excesses and underused strengths.

Come and let us grow together!