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There is a saying that “If you want something you have never had, then you must do something you have never done!” So I joined Success Team 4. One of the best decisions I made! I learned that age is nothing but a number and that I have the power to make my dreams (no matter how lofty) a reality. The only thing that can stop me is: ME!
Our life coach, Colleta, helped to nurture goals I had only dreamed of, but could not imagine visualizing. What was powerful was seeing my dreams translate into goals in front of my very own eyes. The best part of all of it was: I was the driver of my goal.
I also learned about the real power of TEAM: the importance of having a strong support system surrounding me, giving me support, challenging me, and keeping me accountable.
Now as I embark on running my professional development institute, running my foundation to greater heights, and publishing articles in my field of education, I move forward with all the confidence and the passion, equipped with the proper tools to make things HAPPEN!

Lucy Wakiaga, EdD

Co-Founder and Chair

Apollo Wakiaga Foundation


Lucy Wakiaga

It is an inside-out job!

It is an inside out job

One without a dream does not have life.

The inside out process is key in the Success Teams (that small idea one had since s/he was a child is what we work with through the sessions in order to identify our deepest desires and touch stones).

Every time we had class I was looking forward to gaining something new and that way I was always adding value to my dreams.

Success is real and getting ideas from other people is vital.

I have learnt that no one’s idea is wrong if a person wants to grow. I also realized that distance does not stop me from doing what I love most and am still able to help people from any corner of the world! My project management and Psychology skills got polished.

Sino Nocwaka Klaas

 Counselor and member of the Council for Counselors in South Africa

Sino Klaas

My life changing encounter

Esther Jael.jpg

When I saw the emails inviting me to success team including the compiled reports on the challenges facing accompanying spouses, I was happy and could not wait for the first meeting. This is because, when left Kenya to join my husband in Ethiopia, one thing I was not worried about was my career. I had held meetings in Ethiopia before, I had the relevant contacts and I knew that it was upon me to choose where I wanted to be. However, as I tried to engage with organisations here and there, many challenges came up relating to state laws, family but also my interests started to change. Two years later, I could not get something to do and make me happy. I also got bored, lazy and always procrastinating and feeling irrelevant. I can’t remember the number of times my husband came home and was asking if I had finished working on my CV. I became busy helping other people to achieve their goals.
When I joined success team early this year, I was determined  to rise up from my terrible comfort zone and do something. My wheel of life was so imbalanced. My career and finances scores were waning (referring to the wheel of life).
Today (about 8 weeks down the line) I am happy, hopeful and I feel relevant. The Success Team program that I have gone through, including the great Wishcraft book have helped me redefine my goals and purpose. My short term goal at the moment is to empower myself economically. And I am working on two things, 1, to get a job and 2 rearing of goats. Regarding the goats rearing, the project is underway; house construction is on course. It will be fully operational by mid May 2013. I have also revised my CV and sent it to different organization. I did some interview with an international NGO and am currently engaged in one of their programs with university students.
I am always challenged by one of the quotes in Barbara Sher’s book on page 25 which says; ‘I don’t think anybody should have to do it the long hard way. Life is too short, and the unique human potential is too precious to waste.”
Thanks to God for the opportunity to be in Ethiopia, Thanks to my life coach Colleta for her inspiration and many thanks to my buddies ‘Success Team champions’. I have been encouraged and learned a lot from their stories and determination. My appreciation also goes to the participants of our ideas party who provided vital information and engagements contributing to where I am today. I can’t forget my husband, who is always ensuring that I have the resources I need to realize my potential.
Esther Jael Amati

Esther Jael Amati

Equipped for life

Susan Karabu

Today is a very special day for me. My achievement compares to no other I have had before. My success team certification is unique and special - unlike a marriage certificate and my children's birth certificates which served as an invitation to the school of life and learning on the job; or my other academic achievements that landed me exciting and rewarding work positions.

My principle has always been to prioritize my family over everything else. However, every exciting job I landed myself into presented a challenge as I struggled to find a good balance between family, work and social life.

I have found the Success team course and certificate different. After my graduation my eyes have been opened to new horizons. I have rediscovered my passions, and I have realized that I can pursue my passions while at the same time being there for my family. I feel more equipped to pursue my heart’s desires without fear and without any limitations; I feel blessed, wiser, confident, and knowledgeable and empowered to create goals and to achieve them.

It is almost two years since I came to Ethiopia and for the first time I have clarity and a sense of purpose.  If this is what God brought me to Addis Ababa for then I can say it has been very rewarding and I am equipped to achieve my life’s purpose.

It has been an exciting, fun and enjoyable journey with you Success Team 1.

Note from the coach;

After the Success Team coaching, Susan started a support group for parents of children with special needs and is in the process of writing a book to share her experiences.

Susan Karabu

Cogent Afrique Enlightened me

Tabitha Rangara Omol

I relocated to Ethiopia, having resigned from my job with little clarity of my next career path. I was not clear on how to strengthen my skills or how to go about focusing on an alternative career. Then, I joined success team. The experience at the class was an axle. I got an opportunity to meet great minds. I had in depth discussions of my vision and dreams in open and non judgemental forums. Today, I cannot look back. I now see that asking for help is not a weakness. Help is available everywhere. My life goals are much clearer. I would have never gotten here without the class.

Tabitha Rangara Omol
Academic Advisor & Phd Candidate

My dream is revived

The Success Team coaching has been a mixed experience for me with ups and downs, excitement and discouragement. But looking back to where and how I was, and where and how I am now, I must say I am happy with the progress I’ve made as I journey toward my goal. The coaching has revived my dream (of being economically empowered) and given me hope for a career. Just knowing that I am not alone in this situation of what seems a dead career; and that it is not too late, I can achieve whatever I purpose to; and above all, I don’t have to struggle alone, help is all around me and it has lifted me up.

Not only has the coaching given me hope, it has also given me direction to achieve my goal. The exercises we did, especially the flow chart and brainstorming have given me life strategies. I have realized that I do not necessarily have to follow the conventional way of doings things there are other ways which may be shorter, faster, and easier. I have also learnt to plot measurable milestones to reach as I work toward my goal. Organizing myself, time, and other business is one asset I have gained.

Thirdly, I have grown mentally, psychologically, and socially. The readings and assignments in the book plus other readings I’ve done and the Toast Masters Club that Colleta highly recommended me to join (during one of the brainstorming sessions) have broadened my perspective of life. Psychologically, I’ve known myself much more than before. Socially, my circle of friends has enlarged, and with quality friendships. I have met people whose dreams and hopes have been revived and who have a passion to pursue their goals; this has greatly inspired me.I am so glad I joined the group.


Christine Okello
Washington DC

My Success Story


Mine is a success story. I am grateful to God who allowed me to encounter such an opportunity while in Ethiopia. I am also grateful to Colleta Macharia, my passionate coach for sharing this wisdom with me and for the opportunity to learn alongside some great women who have had a positive influence in my life. The life coaching for me was right on time as I am at a phase in my life when I want to engage in stuff that counts and that tugs at my heart after my family. I have many lives I want to live; numerous hats that I would want to wear. However I ran with the goal to be an author publishing life transforming books while in the success team class. While I have always written, now I want to write and publish books to make that difference only I can make in the world. I also had a goal to register a blog and as we got to the conclusion of the course, my website, complete with blog was realized. I also have some manuscript that is work in progress. My greatest lesson was that all the help I need to do what I love is all around me and all I need to do is ask.

Note from the coach:

Lilian’s inspirational articles can be found at www.http://familyrebuilders.org/

Lilian Kasanga
Family Rebuilders