Tuesday , 23 January 2018

Who we serve

Dual career professionals and professionals in transition

Globalization has opened up great opportunities for professional mobility across borders. While this is good for career advancement and growth for the assignee, it comes with challenges for the accompanying partner. We at Cogent Afrique understand these challenges very well. We have created a space for accompanying partners who wish to remain professionally active to network and engage with like-minded people and get inspired to achieve their dreams and goals.



In our work with organizations, we aim to inspire alignment and commitment to the organization’s mission and values, leading to synergy and positive energy needed for increased productivity and effectiveness.  Our Success Teams and Life Orientations (LIFO) workshops are the keys to unlocking individual and team potential in executive teams, departmental teams, special purpose teams and focus groups.  By helping individuals and teams to understand and capitalize on their strengths or game plan for success in dealing with tasks and people, we help organizations create an environment where everyone thrives and operates successfully as partners and team mates rather than as competitors.  We provide presence, structure, support, tools and techniques to help teams and organizations achieve success.



We offer one-on-one coaching to people who need to progress from one level of their lives to another, those who want more out of life than they are currently experiencing or need clarity and/or support in setting and/or implementing goals. The coaching process and sessions are created and planned around individuals and the outcome they desire to achieve.



Individuals who want to transform their life alongside others are welcome to plug into a Success Team of  four to seven like-minded individuals and learn how to turn their wildest dreams into achievable goals, how to banish limiting beliefs and overcome obstacles to their goals. Our coach and cheer leader  provides support, structure and techniques to participants so they can chart  their  path to success as  they  motivate, inspire and challenge one another for 2 hours every week for 8 weeks. 


Families, couples, marriage enrichment groups (MEG)

We value community and believe that strong families make up strong communities; for that reason, we offer opportunities to families, couples and family related groups such as marriage enrichment groups (MEG) to experience discovery together and learn ways of recognizing, appreciating and embracing one another’s values, world views and strengths leading to synergy that is essential for accomplishing shared goals and visions.