Know more about our organization

Cogent Afrique is a personal and professional development company based in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital.

Individuals come to us for help in defining the right goals, developing character, skills, and capabilities, and finding fulfillment in both life and work. Our approach combines scientific methodologies that have been shown to assist people in the process of self-discovery, and identifying areas where they may improve in order to realize their maximum potential.


Our Vision

To create a world of authentic, empowered people who live and engage from a point of strength, from the inside out; effectively serving where there unique strengths meet the needs of their community.

Our Mission

We believe in everyone's uniqueness and ability to achieve success. We are dedicated to empowering teams and individuals to live up to their full potential, become mission oriented and lead fulfilling lives.

Our Values

Values are the fundamental ideas and beliefs that are held in high regard. At Cogent Afrique we believe in principles of individual uniqueness, personal clarity and maximization, authenticity and community.

What Do We Do?

We help you unlock your inner strengths and optimize your opportunities. We’ll give you the tools you need to reach your highest potential, unlock and activate the treasure within, which we call the GAME.


Entry Level Professionals

We assist you in developing self-awareness, which improves your decision-making in determining your career path.


Mid Level Professionals

We equip you with strategies for vertical career advancement within or external transition into a new organization.


Dual Career Professionals

We help couples have more in-depth conversations and establish practical strategies for overcoming career obstacles.



we equip educators and teachers with the tools they need to create their own game plans so they can continually sharpen their game and beomce more effective facilitators of learning for their students